S.E. Barbi - founded in 1980 and headquartered in the hub of Israel’s International Diamond Exchange - has established a global network with a reputation for proven professional competence and expertise in both manufacture and trade.


Despite its impressive size, S.E. Barbi is still a family business and prides itself on maintaining a uniquely warm atmosphere into which it embraces customers as part of the family. We are totally committed to excellence of service and pride ourselves on finding solutions to all our customers’ needs.


In order to constantly meet market demands, additional branch offices have been opened. Rikhav BVBA in Antwerp, Belgium, S.E Barbi (Select Diamonds PTY) in .Sydney Australia, S.E. Barbi Hong Kong serving Asia  and New York office.


Shimon Barbi
CEO & Manager Rough Division,Israel office 
Eli Barbi
Manager Polished Division,Israel office 
Tino Barbi
Deputy Manager Polished Division,Israel office 
Haim Barbi
Manager S.E. Barbi Honk Kong office




A Cutting-Edge Advantage: Stone Processing
At S.E. Barbi’s primary cutting and polishing center in Israel we produce polished diamonds in a very wide range from medium to highest quality, that are processed and manufactured from our stock of rough. In addition to our in-house processing, we also market rough stones of a more modest quality to polishing factories in India. Every type of stone – no matter the size or price category - are of the highest quality. 
Experience in All Facets
S.E. Barbi Diamonds Ltd. has earned an outstanding reputation for excellence in the trade, manufacture and processing of rough diamonds of every shape and size.
The company’s uniqueness enables S.E. Barbi to capitalize on the immense potential of rough for an all encompassing range of stones covering all levels of market quality and cost. Our manufacturing expertise is equally wide-ranging, supplying all popular cuts including Princess, Round and Fantasy.


A Solid Base for Leadership

Market Position 

The rare combination of expertise in both manufacture and trade of rough and polished diamonds, together with stock that covers the full spectrum of demand, is a major factor behind the company’s international success. S.E. Barbi is able to tap into virtually any and every market, from the inexpensive but popular stones up to the most exquisite cuts with highest certification.
Working closely with companies selling rough diamonds on several continents, S.E. Barbi uses its professional know-how and substantial financial resources to represent their interests, while our wide market appeal works in their favor, achieving lucrative results. Based on these solid business relationships, S.E. Barbi has proven firm stability over the years in ever changing market conditions.
By the same token, S.E. Barbi also maintains vigorous business relationships with companies desiring to buy polished diamonds direct from processing, giving our company profitable exposure at both ends of the trade.

A Bright Future for the Diamond Trade

S.E. Barbi Looks Ahead

Our secure supply of rough stones that can meet a vast variety of global market demand, along with the cutting and polishing centers under our own auspices, have placed S.E. Barbi in a strong position for leadership.

Hong Kong Jewellery& Gem fair AsiaWorld Expo



April 30 - May 05 , 2020 Hall 2.1  Booth No. E45

JCK  Sands Expo & The Venetian Las Vegas

2-5/6 2020 Booth No. 8051

Hong Kong Jewellery & Gam fair AsiaWorld Expo 

13-17/9 2020 Booth No. AWE 7R10









Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel‬

‪Israel Diamond Exchg. Yahalom Building,‬

‪16th Floor, Suit 75 54 Bezalel Street,‬
‪Ramat Gan 52521 ISRAEL
Tel: 972-3-613-1020  Fax: 972-3-5757971

‪Headquarters Hong Kong

S.E.BarbiDiam HK LTD World Trust Tower,

‪50 Stanley St. Unit A 16th Floor,  Central‬
‪Hong Kong‬
‪Tel: 852-25374822  Fax: 852-25377862‬
eMail: haim@barbidiam.com





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